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RE: Free Structural Software ??

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That mail on Free structural software and the
bountiful Nigerian offers reminds me.

I had posted the following in the steel detail list a
long time ago.

I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had
writing it.
Have a good weekend.


Hello list members,

I received an e  mail message from the list from a
good Samaritan  named Jim Zimmerman.

He claims to have made $100,000 every year simply
sitting in his spare bedroom.
So generous is he that he has offered me the juicy
opportunity of making $29,524.50 by investing exactly

I am indeed touched by his desire to share with me his
business secrets and consider it fortunate that he has
selected me from far away India. However
I do have my misgivings.

Can any one on this list indicate if  the laws of
economics and common sense currently prevailing in
America permit such a handsome return ?

If so, I must admit that I have been a fool all these
years when opportunities like this have existed in
America. I would like to give up
Engineering, Detailing, reading and posting to the
list and adopt this fascinating and novel method of
making  a living and I invite all of you to
join me. Why bother with structural engineering  when
the land is overflowing with  checks for $29,524.50
waiting to be picked up ?

Even now it is not too late.

Though the return of $29,524.50 is rather meager, I
have plenty of $0.00 to invest and so the returns can
be multiplied by the number of checks for $0.00 that I
can manage to issue.

After I have invested all the $0.00 that I have in my
bank ,I suspect that my pockets will be so full that I
will need the help of list members to keep my surplus
funds and even spend them for me.

Can I count on the cooperation of the list members ?

Regards and best wishes


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