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Re: Level of Detailing - round 2

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On Aug 21, 2006, at 10:29 AM, Bill Allen wrote:

If you don't mind, I would like to use this line.
Please do. it's not one of those lofty notions I picked up in college, but it should have been.

In that same vein, I had to learn a similar concept also on my own: Machinists don't know what you mean, only what you say. When I was a co-op someone asked me to make a drawing of a particular part and get it duplicated. The piece had a pipe thread connection with a major diameter I'd measured (scaled, if you will) of about 1/2 inch. So I designated the connection as having 1/2 inch pipe threads. When JB (the machinist) made me the part, the threads didn't fit. Following what I said, he'd made 1/2 NPT threads which had a major diameter of about 3/4 inch, not 1/4 NPT threads with a major diameter of 0.540. Instead of the kick in the ass which I had coming, JB gave me one of those sliding cards showing thread details and suggested I keep it handy. I still use it.

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