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Re: Seismic Joint + ETABS

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Thanks for your reply.
When I meant moments/forces at the joint, I meant the gravity load that the haunch will have to support in order to frame members on either side of the separation. We intend to create a weak link for lateral movement but want it to be sufficiently stiff to transfer gravity loads so that there are no serviceability issues.

Jim Getaz <jgetaz(--nospam--at)> wrote:
                        I cannot help you with ETABS as I have never used it (but I have read some output). However, many seismic joints will not carry moments or forces across. If they did they would not be isolating joints.
The main ones that I know that carry forces are slip joints that carry vertical loads on a member on the other side of the joint. I?ve recently had discussions with two different engineers who both told me that slip joints was bad practice for seismic joints in SDC B. One relented when I told him all the things I would do in detailing to make the finished product match the assumptions. I bet they?d be more insistent in SDC D.
We have also designed straps that carry horizontal load across a seismic joint to a shearwall on the other side, rather than having back-to-back shearwalls.
Both have to be detailed carefully to accommodate the expected seismic movement and to limit their restraint to the desired direction.
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