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Re: Level of Detailing

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For instance, dedicated sections might be safe, but anything that's supposed to cover more than one situation (especially any detail cut with a SIM) is dangerous to scale.  

In a world of CAD this is a truly a bizarre comment.  The "Do not scale" is a vestige of hand drafting and a lazy-man's crutch;  it has no place in modern contract documents.  The stretch in printed CDs is nothing compared to the tolerances of hand drafting in the past where DO NOT SCALE had some meaning.

We frown on contractors scaling drawings primarily as a quality control measure.  If we missed dimensions on our drawings, we want to know about it so we can fix it; if we changed dimensions on our drawings without re-drawing it, then we really don't want anyone scaling it. 

This is, while technically correct, a nightmare for anyone in the field.  When I'm in the field, I scale drawings ALL THE TIME.....You have to.  I'm admonished not to call the engineer, but to send an RFI through the architect if I have any questions....or, let's see....I could scale the drawings in 3 seconds and take care of the issue.  It may not be right, and it might be dangerous, but its not anymore dangerous than your NTS/SIM detail that gets a beam sticking out of the drywall.


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