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Shot Pin Boundary Nailing

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I just received drawings for a one story big box retail store with a hybrid roof of Vulcraft joists and panelized roofing.

At one area, the engineer has specified a boundary nailing of 2 lines of shot pins @ 2 1/2" o.c. into a TS8x2 which is then field welded to a 12" x 12" steel plate w/ (4)3/4" ABs into masonry. (Strangely, there is no callout for the shank diameter of the shot).

First, although I've not built such a system before so I can't say I'm any kind of expert in hybrid diaphragms, I've never seen such a detail, and it just intuitively sounds wierd.  Is this common?  Seems like a difficult way to achieve a diaphragm transfer to me. 

Anyone used such a BN connection?


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