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RE: welding HSS to HSS

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There many requirements spelled out in the AWS D 1.1 specifically for "Tubular Structures". Some years ago Lincoln Electric published a book called "Solutions to Design of Weldments". It has many examples of every conceivable weldment you can imagine.

If you can get by with a partial pen weld, use it. If you in fact need a full pen weld, then show the CJP symbol and let the shop tell you what they propose to do. Some shops will apply the root from the bevel side and then weld in the filler. Some shops will tack in a backer bar, assemble the connection and then weld the filler.

The process used should not really matter. What you need is for the weld to have NDT to assure you that you indeed have a full pen weld. I would suggest that you show a CJP, let the welder do what he wants, and require NDT inspection. If the weld is bad, it will have to be redone. The NDT guy, the welder, and the welder's mother should all be certified with AWS. (Just kidding about his mother;>)

Harold Sprague

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Subject: welding HSS to HSS
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 10:49:29 -0700

I am considering using a tube steel section to create a "bent" for a hip
roof that I can't tie horizontally.  The roof is a 20' x 16' hip roof with
heavy tile loads and someone thought it would be nice to have a 5' square
skylight centered in middle. I would put two of these frames on either side
of the skylight in the short direction and then bear the wood framing on
them.  I am trying to use a 7" section, so I think a tube might work the

My question is regarding the welded connections, since you can't access both
sides, how is the best way to weld the butt ends of a tube steel section
together?   I can use tabs if I have to, but I have had this question with
similar situations, so I thought I would ask.

Truitt Vance

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