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Re: Embedment Plate Welds

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Michelle -
  In my case, the anchors are bent 3/4" diameter bars (unthreaded). In your opinion, could Chapter 7 apply or would that be a stretch? Since Chapter 7 references A 108 stud material, this could be problematic.
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Actually that is the testing protocol described in AWS D1.1 Chapter 7 for the studs (in addition to visual inspection).  I am not aware of an ASTM.  The goal is for a 30deg angle to be achieved, but it can also be accomplished with a pipe "hickey" instead of a hammer. Threaded studs can be tested based on torque.

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 I recall a List post that addressed "field testing" bent anchor bar/headed studs welds to embedment plates with a hammer and some muscle. If the weld failed, then you obviously knew that the weld was NG. Is there a more formal or standard process (ASTM, etc.) available for field testing these welds?

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