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I've been following this thread for some time and want to pass along a tip that was given to me last year by another engineer on our list concerning drawings and specifications and how the contractor is going to ferret out the errors and omissions on your drawings.    I suggest that you read the book called "Contractor's Guide to Change Orders" by Andrew M. Citello.
In this book he alerts the contractor's to the many faults in the architects and engineers drawings and how one can either resolve the problems or in a lot of instances, take advantage of these problems.
Specific pages start with page 121 with the phrase "As Indicated" and goes on to other phrase such as "As Shown", "See Structural" and "See Plans." ? basically sometimes vague or non-information statements.
Then review page 128, where he discusses Column and Beam Locations and subsequent problems.
Continue to page 144, where he discusses "Match Lines and Plan Orientation".
And then to page 154, where he talks about "Numerous Details and Dimension Strings".
If your firm has a check list for reviewing drawings, you most likely will be able to add more items to you list.

A number of good ideas have been presented to the forum, but the bottom line is that you should try to make your drawings as bullet-proof as possible.  It makes the project go better and helps avoid a multitude of RFI's or even the potential lawsuit.

Neil Moore, SE, SECB
neil moore and associates
shingle springs, california

distressed structures investigations