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RE: Level of Detailing - round 2

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In my opinion, contract drawings should include all dimensions necessary for the contractor to bid the job - no scaling should be "required" to determine quantities for construction.  Anything less should be considered "incomplete drawings". 

Bill Sherman

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I'm working on the construction of a project right now that has almost no dimensions.  Its work inside an existing building.  The reasoning by the architect is that the areas where the existing building exists do not need any dimensions since they are already there.

The kicker in all this is the that the scale reference on the plans turned out to be incorrect.  We had to issue clarifications to our bidders after we got incredibly good pricing......based on what was stated (1/8" scale) but turned out to be 3/32".

I cannot tell you all how annoying these plans are.  I've actually added my own dimensions on our office set just so I can answer questions like, "...about how long is the building?".  


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I have seen architectural and structural plans without a single dimension.

Once upon a (recent) time I received plans from a registered architect with NO plan dimensions at all.   When queried he told me to "Scale them!"   I of course refused and requested properly dimensioned plans, which I then received.   Shesh! 

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA USA

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