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RE: Metal Deck

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Please provide additional information.  Is this a roof deck, composite metal, or form deck?  What is the depth of the deck?  What are the section properties required?  We typically specify minimum section properties and steel strength requirements.  Is the deck galvanized or painted?


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Subject: Metal Deck


Hi All,

            Can anybody give me the requirements of metal deck profile.

I am currently checking the design submitted by a contractor for an office floor. They proposed a metal deck of 0.64 mm thickness, ribs with the following dimensions.

10mm at bottom, 40 mm at top at 165 mm c/c spacings.

Is there any criteria for selection of profile dimensions?

According to the dimension of the profile proposed bearing width on support will be just 10mm. I suggested to reverse the profile to have more bearing on the support.

Kindly give me your opinion on this.