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Aisc Search utility error

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Attention: Seaint list, steel-detail list and Aisc
solutions center.

I am quoting a mail posted by Bill Renieris in the
steel-detail list and my reply.


AISC13 M-Sections Wrong Data? 

Posted by: "Bill Renieris" cybermail(--nospam--at) 

Sun Aug 27, 2006 9:46 am (PST) 

I downloaded the AISC Search utility a couple of weeks

Has anyone noticed that the AISC13 M-Sections data is

Bill Renieris

You are right.
The values in the printed manual are  okay.
In the search utility, the values appear "displaced"
by one box.

Let us write to solutions(--nospam--at) and inform them.
I am forwarding a copy of this mail to them.

I noted another error and wrote to the list twice.

See page 10-14 (All bolted double angle connections)

For 11 rows of 3/4" dia A490 SC OVS holes for 1/4"
thick clip angle the table lists a capacity of 80 kips
 only under the green ASD column.

It should be 179 kips.


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