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Re: Heavy line loads on thin slabs on grade

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Is that filing system one of those automated, secured filing system that stands about 7 ' tall?  I'm looking for more info, but the 750 plf may be a good start for me.  As for your situation, RHK summed it up best by stating "caveat emptor."  The owner can't reasonably expect a very lightly reinforced 4" slab to support a high density filing system.

"Jordan Truesdell, PE" <seaint1(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Has anyone here done an analysis of existing slabs on grade (4" thick,
minimal WWR) to support high density filing systems? I've got a unit
with a pair of 750plf loads about 7' o/c and reading ACI 360 has clouded
the issue more than helping. Using the plain concrete formulas for
shear in ch22 of ACI 318 and looking at the allowable subgrade bearing
all look good (Vu/phi-Vn=0.4, q/q-all=0.35). If this were new
construction I'd put a thickened slab in an skip the calcs and hand
wringing, but the building is in service and we are trying to minimize
the amount of "dirty" work in the area. Suggestions?


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