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Welding On a Full Tank

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Title: Welding On a Full Tank

I have a client who wants to weld some new ladders and other attachments to the outside of some steel potable water storage  reservoirs. He wants to keep the tank in service and not drain it, which means welding against steel plate with a big heat sink behind it. I am wondering how problematic this is and if there are any standards for this welding situation. Plate thickness varies from about .25 to 5/8. Maximum water pressure behind the plate is about 40 psi. Welds will all be 3/16 . Steel plate on one tank is A131B and A36. We have no data on the other tank, but it is older so I am assuming either A36 or A283C or similar.

Does anybody out there have any experience specifying welds under these circumstances? Any special caveats?

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