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Re: Plan Checkers?

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I realize this, but almost every time I have to answer the checkers question as to the roof/floor sheathing type, nailing, concrete strength, or special inspection notes specified on the plans. It seems pretty obvious to me that they did not even take a few "seconds" to look at the SGN notes.

On 8/31/06, bruckmandesign(--nospam--at) <bruckmandesign(--nospam--at) > wrote:
Imagine you are given a set of plans for a building for the first time and your boss tells you that you must ferret out all the code mistakes within two hours, both architectural and structural.  It ain't easy.  Remember, YOU"VE been grinding on the plan for weeks, YOU know where you put your details and notes and understand why you did what you did.  The plan checker is starting from absolute ZERO.

As a GC, it usually takes me an hour or two just to get my head around a set of drawings from an architect or engineer that I've never seen before.  Everyone has quirks about where information is located.  You cannot expect a plan checker to figure it all out when he's got a boss complaining at HIM about faster completion of the check.

BTW, as a side issue, one of the most often found errors on structural plans is a lack of direction from one sheet to another.  Remember, just because you have typical details does not mean squat if you do not direct me to them from the plan.

SGNs are many times used to eliminate detailing and should not be a place to look for a note that rightfully belongs on a detail.  IMO, in such a situation, the SE is to blame for the PC correction.


If you've ever seen the movie Spaceballs, there's a scene when they're walking through the desert and Barf and Lonestar open up Princess Vespa's huge trunk they're lugging through the sand dunes.... inside, they find a huge hair blow dryer and an argument ensues where the spoiled princess demands them to do whatever she says and then Lonestar says to her loudly:


Then Barf and Lonestar dump the hairdryer, but continue to lug the huge trunk around even though it's empty....<br><br>Dealing with plan checking is the same often. Every single plan check in the past 10 years has has at least one comment that was already on the drawings somewhere. I don't sweat that, it's when you get into 10-15 comments that are already on the drawings, where it gets frustrating...

Remember though, a shitty plan check is better than no plan check. Even the shitty ones can point out that you made a typo when spelling "Cantilever".


On 8/30/06, erik gibbs < erik.gibbs(--nospam--at)> wrote:So I have been getting back jobs from plan checkers and a lot of the problems that they point out are not problems and they are actually on the plans or SGN's. It seems like they don't ever read the plans because their corrections are either stated in the SGN's or typical details. Does anyone else have this problem and if so is there anything that can be done about their laziness to actually do their job and not just assume?Erik G


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