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RE: Paint for Steel Roof Above Pool

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My favorite is the web site.

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Subject: Paint for Steel Roof Above Pool
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 13:43:43 -0500

I am making some evaluations of an old YMCA building that is now a community center. The building is at least 40 years old. There is a lot of corrosion of the supplementary steel framing, such as window frames and roof deck, but the primary steel beams and columns are in pretty good condition. The paint
has pitted all over the place, but significant rusting of the main steel is
relatively minor.

I'm looking for sources of research to determine the best paint coating for
the steel.  I will probably recommend the roof decking come off and be
replaced.  I will probably recommend the steel beams and columns be cleaned
and repainted.  I'm having difficulty finding the information on cleaning
and coatings.  My thoughts are power wire brush cleaning, zinc-rich primer
as a first coat and a two coat finish paint.  I've seen references to three
coat paint process using tnemec paint but haven't found much information on

I would appreciate any suggestions for sources of research for the steel
paint coating or any other advice you may have regarding this type of


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