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Re: Plan Checkers?

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You are at their mercy!!!! (smile). Make sure the typical details (the ones that apply) are keyed in on the plans and/or sections.
Some plan checkers do a good job in checking the important stuff (design assumptions, shear transfer etc.)
Others have a preset check list and "ckeck" (mark) whatever they think applies to this project, because they might have a problem with the english language and/or are just too lazy to do their job. 
"justify" this or "justify" that it NOT an acceptable correction. "Provide calcualtions" for.this and that is. Also the corrections have to be refered to the applicable code sections.
You might want to talk to their supervisor and get the plan checker pissed off.....
Welcome to the club (smile)
Antonio S. Luisoni
Consulting S.E.
Granada Hills, CA