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RE: Foundations for Shear Walls

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I design the foundation/Grade beam to resist the moment (Uplift x Width of shearwall x 1.4 = Strength Level force for ACI) created by the shearwall. The uplift should be checked by the self weight of the foundation/slab system if necessary make the foundation large enough (W, B or Depth) to resist it.
Fellow Structural Consultant
We are designing mostly residential structures in high wind country and
are routinely faced with issues of large uplift and download forces - 5
to 20 kips -  generated by overturning resistance forces at the ends of
shear wall segments.  Some conditions have the loads very close
together, as in using a Simpson Strongwall, while others might be 6 to
10 feet apart with conventional wood frame shear wall segments.
Supporting concrete is typically a monolithic slab edge member or
interior thickened slab footer.  How should the concrete be designed?
Is it advisable/required to have enough weight of concrete to resist the
entire uplift?  How are people handling this issue?=20
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