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RE: Long Building - How to make stand up?

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It sounds like the back and both ends are already masonry walls.  I’ve designed several open-front buildings where the open-front longitudinal force is resisted by the back wall and the transverse walls by diaphragm torsion.  You may get objectionable drift at the front wall… depending on the infill material of the wall… storefront, etc.





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Subject: Re: Long Building - How to make stand up?


What about in the longitudinal direction?  You'll need something for that.

Thor Tandy P.Eng MIStructE
Victoria, BC

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Subject: RE: Long Building - How to make stand up?


Being a strip center, will there be interior walls dividing one shop from another?  Some fire separation walls may be required by local code.  Using a couple of them as shear walls may be acceptable… even if there is a door or two in the wall. 





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Subject: Long Building - How to make stand up?


I have an architect's proposed plan for a strip shopping center 320' long by 50' wide.

The two short sides and one long side will be masonry bearing walls.  The other long side will be store-front.

It appears to be too long for typical diaphragm type construction.  Short of going to moment frames every 25 ft or so, are there any suggestions for making this building stable?


Dave Smith

Smith Associates

Gainesville, GA