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Glulam Design Source

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I’m considering reroofing a building enclosing a pool using glulam construction.  I would use glulam purlins and wood decking.  I would leave the 5 existing main steel girders as they are in fair condition.  A good cleaning and painting should extend their life quite a bit.  I assume glulam decking would be cheaper than solid sawn lumber decking.  Can anyone tell me if that is a correct assumption?  I also assume there must be a way of creating some diaphragm action in wood decking.  I haven’t found any information on this in my wood design references.  Is it possible to create a diaphragm with some kind of side lap nailing pattern, or do I need to put plywood sheathing on top of the wood decking?


I’m wondering what the best reference is for glulam design.  I know the NDS covers glulam.  It doesn’t specifically address decking members but I could work out the numbers on it manually.  I’m wondering if the AITC Timber Construction Manual was worth purchasing for the glulam information.  Has anyone found this to be a helpful reference for glulam design?  Does it discuss diaphragm action of a wood deck roof?  I looked at AITC’s web site for their free literature and didn’t find anything addressing diaphragm action.  Are there any other references that would be better?


Thanks for your help.