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re: storefront wall

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What we have done before on storefronts is use the normal steel framing that you have to provide for the front-to-back spanning joists, and use that for your bracing system. You can use HSS columns or WF cantilevered up (flag pole) to take the lateral load. Usually these are there anyway for the gravity framing and for misc framing for the storefront. Be very careful with deflection. Since we are already have pad footings for gravity and uplift, sometimes it just takes a little redesign and a small increase in the footings to get them to work.
That is if the diaphragm ratio allows too much deflection that is not compatible with the masonry walls. I would not want too much deflection in that deck where the CMU is attached...
Andrew Kester, PE
Principal/Project Manager
ADK Structural Engineering, PLLC
Lake Mary, FL