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RE: Timber Roofs over Swimming Pools

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Thanks for your response.  I really appreciate your insight.


It gets confusing to hear different people’s opinions on natatorium enclosures.  I’m not criticizing any one individual.  I know there is no “one solution fits all” but I read contradictory information at times.  Previous SEAInt posts have discussed wood as a great solution to natatoriums.  Some have referenced steel with special corrosion coating.  Some have even discussed precast.  And then there were the posts that opposed each of these.  When you ask for opinions you need to be ready to hear ones you don’t want to hear.  I really do want to hear from many perspectives.  Please don’t stop.


What I know about my particular situation is that the current steel framed roof was a poor choice, primarily because of poor maintenance.  Actually, when you consider the roof lasted almost 50 years, maybe it wasn’t so bad.  The decking is deteriorating and won’t last much longer.  I need to require the roof be stripped down to the main framing because the deck will continue to drop paint and rusted pieces and roofing material.  My thought with wood framing is it doesn’t corrode and a natural stain looks nice.  Water, although a strength reducer, does not hurt the material, provided the ventilation is adequate.  I haven’t read how chlorine affects wood strength.  Does anyone have references to cite that show what problems chlorine create?


Back in the late 90’s archives a reference was made to using galvanized steel for wood connections.   Are there some horror stories of glulam connections using galvanized steel?


Anyone know of a good reference that discusses all types of framing fro a natatorium, giving the pluses and minuses?


Any other thoughts are appreciated.





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Rich Lewis,

Timber over pools is subject to high humidity and chlorine gas affects.

Check painting specs and adequate ventilation.

There have been some disasterous failures of timber structures in these conditions.

Regards, Hugh

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