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Re: Flag Drag

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That's very interesting.  Thanks.

So supposedly the type of flag will never be changed.  I don't do flags, so this is out of my field, but I just think about the situation if the wind forces were 40% different on a stucco (say) building than on a wood siding building, and what would happen if one were remodeled into the other sometime.


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Use ANSI/NAAMM FP 1001-97. 
Equation 4 will give you the wind load for nylon or cotton flags.
Equation 5 will give you the wind load for polyester flags.

Just out of curiosity, how much variation is there?  I wouldn't have thought the flag material would make much difference, but apparently it does.



looks like polyester gives a 40& increase over cotton/nylon

Nylon: Drag(pounds) = 0.001 x (V,mph)^2 x Sqrt(Area, sq. ft)

Polyester: Drag(pounds) = 0.0014 x (V,mph)^2 x Sqrt(Area, sq. ft)