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RE: deafening silence!

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I wonder is it true, “Seen one conspiracy, seen ‘em all?”


The pre-attack theory was, “Seen one high jacking, seen ‘em all.


I’m not sure when thinking became a bad thing.


Are there just two choices, with the kooks or with the closed minded folks?



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Sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2006 2:29 PM
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Subject: RE: deafening silence!


Listen kook.  I think your conspiracy theories threaten these lemmings need for closure, so for the love of Allah please stop. 


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Subject: Re: deafening silence!

How about a discussion on the scientific and engineering validity of what is presented in the many reports on the web site? Is resorting to derogatory statements and name-calling a real debate or is that yet another coverup?




I am amazed and shocked that we spend so much money and lip service on education in the USA and have people who buy into this kind of BS.




Apparently, Even Oliver Stone didn't buy into those conspiracy theories! Therefore, I'll go with the NIST report.

Yes, food for thought, but it's junk food.  The readers except for some
individuals of this listserv know BS when they see it.
The WTC conspiracy can join those other "facts of history" like the
faked US space program, alligators in the sewers of New York (maybe they
had explosives strapped to them and they brought the building down, or
Elvis is still alive.  Join the club