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RE: deafening silence!

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Maybe Mr. Macie is just bored and trying to illicit somewhat entertaining responses…which he has done quite a good job of.  So I must ask you Stephen Macie, do you REALLY believe that the events on 9/11 were caused by, or known to anyone other than muslim terrorists?  I am curious what your formulated opinion is after reading all the technical writings on those web sites.


I would be surprised if your honest answer was yes, if so, I frankly can’t imagine.  My guess is you simply don’t like/agree with our current government or whatever, or you maybe you are entertained by reading insults directed at you. 


I have noticed that some people I know from European countries actually believe that stuff, but somehow I can excuse them in my mind a little bit. 


Threads on structural engineering seem slow today, so let us know!




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Should you include a disclaimer that your views are not representative of Macie Engineering?




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How about a discussion on the scientific and engineering validity of what is presented in the many reports on the web site? Is resorting to derogatory statements and name-calling a real debate or is that yet another coverup?