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RE: Segmented/Perforated Shearwalls

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As I understand it, a perforated shear wall still has to meet the height-to-width requirements for a segmented shear wall design.  The difference between the two is that you can substantially reduce the number of holdowns in a perforated shear wall (the allowable shear will also be slightly less).  This might be the reason the jurisdiction rejected the design, or, like you said, they may simply not allow perforated shear walls yet.  The other option is to design the shear wall for force transfer around the openings.  This would require an in-depth static analysis of the forces at the corners of the openings and then strapping to transfer those forces to the wall “piers”.   This is really not as bad as it might sound.


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In one of my projects in CA I had used perforated shear wall design since it did not meet the code requirements for the segmented. But the city does not allow perforated wall design. My question is whether it’s okay to design it as segmented wall and strap the whole length of the wall for it to act as a single unit eventhough it doesnt comply with the code requirement or is there another way of doing it. Any help on this would be highly appreciated.