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Re: Simpson Column Connector Mismatch

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Title: Re: Simpson Column Connector Mismatch

some options to consider
1- Try a CCQ5-6 and notch the column to accomodate the stirupps, if your column works
with a reduced section
2- custom make a bucket, either with simpson or at your local steel fabricator
3-Sometimes I use shims if appearence is not an issue


Tarek Mokhtar, SE

What is normally done when you have a beam and column combination that does not fit into any of the Simpson sizes and you still want to use the Simpson products? For instance, I have designed a 5" wide glulam with a 5"x6 7/8" glulam column. I wanted the 5" dimension of the beam and the column to line up vertically hoping it will look better, so I went to the Simpson catalog looking for a connector that fits the 5" dimension ("W1" connector dimension) of the beam and the 6 7/8" ("W2" dimension) of the column.
The closest I found was a CCQ5-8 that would require shims around the column to fit (it has a 7 1/2" "W2" dimension). The other option would be to specify a made to order size from Simpson to exactly fit my beam-column combination and loading. Is shimming more common or is the "made to fit" sizing?