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Re: Simpson Column Connector Mismatch

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Except for the most basic stuff like a CC46, etc., all of the heavier material stuff is custom made even though they are listed in the catalog. I've long since given up trying to cram stuff into their catalog "standard" sizes only to find out it was a "special" order anyway.  Its not like they are pulling the more complicated stuff off a shelf somewhere, so don't even worry about it and design precisely what you want.  It'll be on the job in 3 or 4 days, just like the one listed in the catalog...and it'll cost the same.


What is normally done when you have a beam and column combination that does not fit into any of the Simpson sizes and you still want to use the Simpson products? For instance, I have designed a 5" wide glulam with a 5"x6 7/8" glulam column. I wanted the 5" dimension of the beam and the column to line up vertically hoping it will look better, so I went to the Simpson catalog looking for a connector that fits the 5" dimension ("W1" connector dimension) of the beam and the 6 7/8" ("W2" dimension) of the column.  The closest I found was a CCQ5-8 that would require shims around the column to fit (it has a 7 1/2" "W2" dimension). The other option would be to specify a made to order size from Simpson to exactly fit my beam-column combination and loading. Is shimming more common or is the "made to fit" sizing?

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