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RE: deafening silence!

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I have to admit that I am a bit shocked that engineers are even having this conversation, I can almost (but not really) understand laymen being so easily fooled, but not engineers.  I couldn't resist responding to a couple of comments that I read written so far.
"Is a Structural Engineers Association a place to use such a language, as Idiots, Wakes, Kooks, etc?"
If the shoe fits......
"Are there just two choices, with the kooks or with the closed minded folks?"
It is not closed minded to call a kook a kook, just reality.  If you think that those are the only two options then you might need to take the kook test.
"I?m not sure when thinking became a bad thing."
Giving lunacy credence by trying to debate it is not thinking.  What point does it serve to debate if the earth is round with a member of the flat earth society?
I can hardly wait to see what else is explained by that kind of physics; aliens, ghosts, astrology?

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