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RE: support for the writer of deafening silence!

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In NYC on my way to Ground Zero this morning, Doug.

I'll have a look.

I appreciate your plight, but i think i will also consider the other souls
affected while i'm there.


Original Message:
From:  AmerRescue(--nospam--at)
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 01:01:25 EDT
To: seaint(--nospam--at), AmerRescue(--nospam--at)
Subject: support for the writer of "deafening silence!"

Courage to open your mouth and say what you think, believe and know to be  
true is essential to the pursuit of truth, justice, intelligence, knowledge
every other thoughtful activity or intellectual pursuit which a 'cogito
sum' individual can make.
Why is there so little intellectual pursuit other than exchanging equations

and legal code details and why is this group dominated by 4 or 5 
who shame all good men when they launch a vitriolic attack on anyone  who 
attempts to start any discussion they do not control.
Just read the expected 'hate response'  to this email, to see the  proof of 
how childish some 'intellectuals' can be.
I applaud anyone with a new thought, or a different thought whether I agree

with it or not!  Can it not be discussed without a 'wrestle mania' lack of  
This WTC subject is VERY personal, to me. It killed  me.The WTC has left me 
permanently disabled. I am improving;  however, I could not speak for 6
lost 50% of my memory, have 39 Doctors  testimonials. The WTC is the place 
where 'my life time' would have been much  better if I had died. 
Rather to die than suffer at the hands of a 300 million dollar pervert who 
threw out of the WTC and sought revenge when I was defenseless to protect  
myself. My NYC attorneys have filed a 131 million dollar lawsuit with the
York Supreme Court to punish and expose the hellish nature of some  evil 
bastards seeking revenge on a sick man for doing good.
The courts will determine the truthfulness and penalties imposed upon the  
devil's minion.
It is what it is and it will be what it will be.
Nothing in life is more beautiful, pure, practical, functional and 
to me and 'like minded' than the truth.
Good people; Intellectuals please speak up. "Wrestlers screw off for a  
doug copp _http://www.amerrescue.org_ (  

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