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Name-callers & Closed minds delete this email immediatley

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Again I respectfully ask that anyone reading this email without an open and inquisitive mind, please exit this email and delete it. You will find it of no interest to you whereas a derogatory response or  personal attack will be unproductive and serve no purpose here.
I am only continuing this line because there was a glimmer of inquisition in one or two of the responses to my submittal of the web site from the list-server. What I was hopping for was an "intelligent" (spelled correctly this time) discourse as to the structural items presented in the various reports listed on the web site such as:
1-Failure of structure due to pan-caking effect.
    a-WTC-7 collapsed in 6.5 sec, free-fall in a vacuum from the height of the building would be 6 sec. WTC-2 collapsed in 10  to 14 sec., (110 story building 1362 ft tall) free-fall in a vacuum is 9.2 sec.  Is this an accurate statement?
With the loss of acceleration due to the conservation of energy and conservation of momentum laws, would the pan-caking effect holdup in these time differentials? 
If not, what would be a reasonable explanation for the discrepancies?
have any validity or is it just smoke and mirrors?
These are but a few of the questions that came to my mind as I perused the site. I dismiss a lot of the statements presented without analytical backup but question whether the ones presented in an analytical manner have flaws or can be deemed to be truthful. I don't want to get into "who or why" because that debate is unproductive without the truth as to "what really happened" and how do we prevent it in the future.
Stephen Macie, P.E.