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RE: metal strapping on wall lines

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That’s interesting and makes sense as almost every stucco house (and drywall on the inside) gets those small cracks in an earthquake around some of the windows, but do you know if it is effective at all?  Do you require straps like an ST18 or something from the header and sill into one bay blocking on your typical opening framing details?  If it was really effective, it may be worth it to stop minor aesthetic damage…..but again that’s a lot of extra strapping and labor that isn’t required by code on a large project.  I know of framers that put blocking for one or two bays at those locations out of “good practice” but I hadn’t seen the straps Tim was talking about before.




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whether the wall is designed as a perforated shear wall or not, it will have stress concentrations of the lateral forces at the corners of windows and doors as shown in photos of cracks from earthquakes (and probably from wind also). Thus it is good practice to place horizontal straps on each side of windows and doors.


Stan Scholl,  P.E.

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Perforated Shearwall with Force Transfer Around the openings. See the SEAOC Seismic Design Manual Vol II from a few years back.


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I have noticed on some wood framed houses that metal strapping is being placed at the top and bottom of windows extending on to the adjacent wall piers.  they are not perforated shearwalls.   are these straps intended to tie the windows to the shearwalls ? I thought the top plates did this.  any insight as to why strapping is being called out this way?


Tim Rudolph

Pinyon Enginnering

Bishop CA