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Re: metal strapping on wall lines

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The way that I understand it is there are 3 ways that a shear wall can be designed, and I am not supporting one over the other at this time.  The first is the more traditional shear panel method where portions of the wall between openings that conform to the height/width ratio are used as the resisting elements and are looked at as separate elements.  The second method is the "perforated method" where nailing and hold downs. Nailing and hold downs are calculated per IBC 2305.3.7.2.  Strapping around openings is not required with this method although a good practice, and hold downs are generally only required at the ends of the walls.  The third method is "Force Transfer Around Openings" where the wall shears are calculated using statics and shear forces at the openings are calculated and transfered into adjacent portions of the walls with strapping.  This method is mentioned in IBC 2305.3.7.1.

Hope this helps,

Joseph Grill, PE

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I have noticed on some wood framed houses that metal strapping is being placed at the top and bottom of windows extending on to the adjacent wall piers.  they are not perforated shearwalls.   are these straps intended to tie the windows to the shearwalls ? I thought the top plates did this.  any insight as to why strapping is being called out this way?
Tim Rudolph
Pinyon Enginnering
Bishop CA

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