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Re: metal strapping on wall lines

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>>> chuckuc(--nospam--at) 9/14/2006 8:59 PM >>>
Why do you state that it not a perforated shearwall? If you poke a hole

in a sheathed wall, it is a perforated shearwall regardless of how you

chose to analyze it.  And regardless of how you analyze it, it's 
stronger with reinforcing around the opening.

Tim must be referring to IBC's perforated shear wall method which does
not require straping to carry the force transfer around the openings,
rather the shear capacity is reduced by a factor based on the geometry
of openings and the whole wall, and the sill plate needs to be designed
for uplift. 

CBC/UBC does not mention this method. The method metioned in CBC (with
force transfer around openings) is not very specific - leaves the
engineer to choose a rational method to analyze. If using CBC method,
installing straps atound the opening & holdowns at the two extreme ends
alone are not adequate. Uplift in the sill plates must also be
considered. At the least, holdowns at the king studs, though smaller,
are a good design.

Suresh Acharya, S.E.

Chuck Utzman,PE

Pinyon Engineering wrote:

> Hi
> I have noticed on some wood framed houses that metal strapping is 
> being placed at the top and bottom of windows extending on to the 
> adjacent wall piers.  they are not perforated shearwalls.   are these

> straps intended to tie the windows to the shearwalls ? I thought the

> top plates did this.  any insight as to why strapping is being called

> out this way?
> Tim Rudolph
> Pinyon Enginnering
> Bishop CA

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