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Re: Seismic requirements in NYC

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A friend of mine is employed by the City of New York in Codes Administration. Following is his response:

For the next year or two we are using our current code which is a BOCA based code with layers and layers of amendments and local reference standards. We are working to finalize our completion bill which will enact the modified 2003 I Codes.

Designers who wish to use the IBC 2003 can approach the Dep.Commissioner for Technical Affairs, for a consideration to allow this.

Harold Sprague

Kyle Delabar <kadelabar(--nospam--at)> wrote:
          Hello All,

I am designing the bracing connections for a mid-rise (approx. 15-story) residential building in Manhattan, NYC. The lateral force resisting system consists of braced frames and concrete shear walls. The EOR has indicated an Rw = 8 on the drawings and references the NYC building code. From what I gather, the NYC building code follows UBC 1990. I know that if this were somewhere else with IBC as the code, I would be thrown into seismic detailing of connections because R>3, but I do not see this requirement in the NYC code. The EOR has provided design brace forces on the elevations. Is there any such seismic detailing requirement or can I just design the bracing connections for the loads given? I understand that this question might be better directed to the EOR, but I wanted to know the correct answer before asking him.


  K. DeLabar

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