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RE: metal deck electrodes - low hydrogen required?

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Traditionally, you must use LH on any high strength steel. However, this particular weld is NOT highly stressed and never will be. The deck is by far the weaker link.

Now I don't know how many on this list serve have welded deck to steel.... It is not hard, but you have to know the secret. Part of that secret is using the E 6022. Keep in mind that this is an arc spot weld and not a traditional structural weld. Using the 70 series low hydrogen welds is difficult because it is a hotter arc, and will burn up the deck before you can get a good fusion arc spot weld.

Using an E 6022 electrode will allow the iron worker to place the electrode in the middle and oscilate the electrode to get proper fusion with the current set lower. This allows good fusion at a lower temperature.

I had a lot of fun one time in my past watching some green iron workers welding deck with 70 series LH rods. It took them 2 hours to weld something that normally took 15 minutes. They waisted a lot of deck.

The attached spec is from the Whole Building Design Guide. It requires E 60xx welding electrodes for welding deck.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: metal deck electrodes - low hydrogen required?
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 09:09:49 -0800

Anyone that knows:

I am dealing with a question over what type of electrodes are required for
puddle welding metal deck to structural steel.  The contractor wants to use
E6022 electrodes and the plans say they are supposed to use low hydrogen

I talked with a deck supplier who said the most of deck is 38 ksi - ASTM A653
and he said he knows that he talked with local erectors who said they use
E6022 electrodes. I had a note in book from a class I took 4 years ago that said everyone wants to use E6022 for steel deck but they should be using low
hydrogen electrodes.

What does AWSD1.3 require low hydrogen electrodes for welding metal deck to
A992 steel members?  If low hydrogen electrodes are required why do people
want to use E6022?


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