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RE: metal deck electrodes - low hydrogen required?

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I am going to answer myself since someone might care in the archives.  I talked with a welding inspector today and he said that all the welders want to use E6022 for welding deck because its cellulose flux boils out the galvanization and paint.  He said this is a bigger deal for steel joists and that E7018 should weld easier on structural steel.  He also said all the welders are qualified to weld metal deck with E6022.
I also called an engineer who said they specifically changed their general notes to read use E60XX non low hydrogen electrodes for welding metal deck because E70 low hydrogen always melts through and they had a problem on a job with it.
If you weld A36 plate to A992 you are still supposed to use E70XX low hydrogen electrodes right?  Then why not when you weld metal deck to A992?

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Subject: metal deck electrodes - low hydrogen required?

Anyone that knows:
I am dealing with a question over what type of electrodes are required for puddle welding metal deck to structural steel.  The contractor wants to use E6022 electrodes and the plans say they are supposed to use low hydrogen electrodes.
I talked with a deck supplier who said the most of deck is 38 ksi - ASTM A653 and he said he knows that he talked with local erectors who said they use E6022 electrodes.  I had a note in book from a class I took 4 years ago that said everyone wants to use E6022 for steel deck but they should be using low hydrogen electrodes.
What does AWSD1.3 require low hydrogen electrodes for welding metal deck to A992 steel members?  If low hydrogen electrodes are required why do people want to use E6022?