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Regional Practices for Strucutral Design and Construction

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Actually, I would like to expand this discussion to all design and
construction practices that vary by region.  

With the advent of the IBC, does steel connection design vary as much as
it used to across the US, i.e. design of seismic connections by the
engineer (west coast) vs fabricator design of connections (east coast)? 

Barry - are you saying that metal roof decking alone (without concrete
topping) is not commonly used for diaphragm design in California? 

Bill Sherman

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I'd like to add a regional practice to the discussion.....metal decking.

Coming from California where most metal decking is filled with concrete,
I was indeed the odd duck in wanting to do this for roof diaphragms in
Perhaps I'm overly naive on this issue, but the partially grouted walls
outside of high seismic areas has me thinking...

Barry H. Welliver

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