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Re: aluminum anchorage to steel

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In aerospace we were lucky in that all fasteners & metal parts were plated (or anodized).  When the aluminum was machined & the anodize removed we used a zinc chromate primer between the fastener (usually plated alloy steel or stainless)

I don't remember the product name or spec anymore but this stuff appears to be a proprietary product that does the same thing

I assume your steel is not galvanized & the aluminum is not anodized?  We're talking bare (or painted) steel against bare aluminum?

Installation outdoors? Indoors?

per this discussion maybe a hot dipped galvanized steel bracket; bolted to the steel & the aluminum could serve as a connector?


On 9/26/06, PFFEI(--nospam--at) <PFFEI(--nospam--at)> wrote:
i have a client that wants to utilize aluminum catwalk grating for a deck.  the support structure will be steel. what can i do in the anchorage of the grating to the steel to mitigate galvanic action?  asphaltic paint, rubber of bituthane separation gaskets?  catwalk manufacturer (mcnichols) could offer no suggestions.

thanks in advance

paul franceschi