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Re: Overhanging Monorail

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If you obtain a a copy of the specification(#74) for single girder cranes from the Crane Manufacturers Assoc of America(CMAA) available from the Material Handling Institute, you will find that it contains all you need to design a monorail beam including the bottom flange local stresses under the wheels. All of this came from research started in Germany and published by the FEM (Federation d'Equipment de Manutention) in their specs back in the 70's. I understand that it is gradually being replaced by ISO standards. Canada is supposed to be adopting those and I have been promised a draft copy for the end of Oct.

Padmanabhan Rajendran wrote:
Stephen Tanner wrote a paper in Engineering Journal (1985) regarding determination of allowable stresses for an overhanging monorail beam with a moving load on the bottom flange. He published a table showing the value of "Cb" as a function of the overhang ratio.

Is any list member aware of any further study or reasearch on the subject?



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