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Center of mass of a ramp

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I am modeling a ramped parking garage in ETABS and I am trying to incorporate the 5% accidental torsion in the program. Since ETABS does not let you define a rigid diaphragm on ramp elements, I want to assign the diaphragm from point objects.
I am trying to find the center of mass to apply my torsional load. However, I am having doubts about the center of mass. For a rectangle in plan, it is easy to locate the center of mass. But for ramp that looks like a rectangle on plan, I think the center of mass would be more towards the ramped side. But I am not able to mathematically get a result that would justify my thinking. Is my thinking erroneous or are there better ways?
One way I was thinking is to select all the columns on plan and assign it a rigid diaphragm constraint. But I am unsure if the center of mass that I get from it would be the true center of mass.

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