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Re: Out-of-plane forces

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Look at section 1620.2.7 and 1620.3.3.  Equation 16-61 will give you forces for designing wall rebar.  Equation 16-62 should be used for wall anchorage to flexible diaphragms.  Please note that the lower bound limit of 400Sds (plf) shown in section 1620.2.7 will also apply.  These provisions are also in ASCE-7.

Please be careful when using section 1621.  Make note that these are revisions to ASCE-7 and must be considered in their context inside that document.  Simply reading them from IBC doesn't make much sense.  You should look at these provisions when you have parapets or partitions.  They will give you different designs forces for those elements.

Lastly, for my own sanity, I generally ignore the IBC seismic provisions.  IBC section 1614.1 exception 1 lets you ignore the IBC changes provided you comply with the ASCE provisions listed.


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I am working on some single story buildings with CMU walls (and brick veneer) with a roof of metal deck over steel joist.  I am trying to determine the out-of-plane design loads for the masonry walls based on the 2003 IBC, which I am only somewhat familiar with.  If the building is in SDC 'D', what is the correct equation/section to use?  Is it section 1621 for "Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical Component Seismic Design Requirements" or section 1620.2.7?  If it is section 1621, the calculated force is double what I would normally design for under CBC 2001, which just doesn't seem right.  Any help would be appreciated.




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