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Re: CBC 1630.8.2 .1 Plywood Shearwall supported on SMRF

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I would not apply these load combinations for design of holdowns. The
penalty is for the SUPPORTING element, not the elements being supported.
Say, you moved your shear wall to a different location on the same line
where it now sits on a solid wall rather than on the beam,  edge nailing
or holdown sizes should not change because it just moved to a different

Suresh Acharya, S.E.

>>> khemmatyar(--nospam--at) 9/28/2006 2:47 PM >>>
Dear list members:

I'm supporting a Plywood Shearwall on the beam of a SMRF.

My interpretation is that the Load combination of 1612.4 applies to
both 1-axial forces of holdowns 2- The In-Plane shear of the

Does anyone disagree on this?

Casey (Khashayar) Hemmatyar
Private email: <khemmatyar(--nospam--at)>
Southern California

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