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RE: pile software

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I forgot to mention.  If you really want to understand what any of these programs are doing, you need the report “Handbook on Design of Piles and Drilled Shafts Under Lateral Loads”. By the Federal Highway Department.  FHWA-IP-84-11.  Published July 1984.  I couldn’t find this online so I had to order it.  It is out of print so it is a special order and expensive.  COM624 user manual refers to it a lot.





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Direct link to the manual is:




Michel Blangy, P.E.

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If you want the easy solution, Ensoft’s LPile program will do it.  The guts of LPile is an old COM624 program by the highway department.  You can find COM624 in the internet for free, however it uses the old DOS interface and it is very difficult to learn.  I had to pay $25 to get a user manual for COM624.  LPile essentially put a Windows face on COM624 and makes it much more user friendly.



I believe there is also another program called ALLPILE or something like that.









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Hello all members,


I am not a Soils Engineer but I have a job where I need to make some calculations on displacement of piles due to lateral loads.

Can somebody recommend me a good and simple software for this purpose? I don't need a very sophisticated one since I don't deal with these problems quite often.

Thanks in advance for any input on this matter.