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Magnified Moments - nonsway frame

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I would appreciate if someone helped me understand Clause of ACI 318-02

"The factored moment M2 in Eq. 10-8 shall not be taken less than M2,min = Pu*(0.6+0.03*h) ... about each axis separately. For members in which M2min xceeds M2, the value of Cm from equation 10-13 shall be taken as 1.0 or shall be based on the computed end moments M1 and M2."

My question is thus:

1. Does this mean that Cm can be conservatively taken as 1.0 if M2 less than M2,min?
Or it can be computed to be Cm (Eq 10-13) based on the computed M1 and M2, where M2 is the value from analysis and not the minimum M2.
Is this right? This would give a value of Cm less than 1.0. Right?

2. The Mc = dns * M2 value from Eq. 10-8 would have the dns using the computed Cm from (1) and the M2 as the minimum M2?

Is my interpretation of the clause right?


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