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RE: Spanish Tile Roof

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Real Spanish tile can be very heavy, like 19 psf.  If the roof is true two piece overlapping half barrels with mortar the roof is really heavy.  It is much more common to use S tile that looks like Spanish tile (sort of) than to actually go to the expense and weight of using real Spanish tile.  S tile is more like regular roof tile at 8 to 12 psf.


If you are in a historic district or strict municipality, or maybe it is just a real high end product, then real Spanish tile may be required.


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Subject: Spanish Tile Roof


I need some help from a southwest engineer.  I’m designing a roof with Spanish tiles.  It’s the kind that looks like half of a terra cotta pipe running up and down the slope, alternating direction.   What is the typical design dead uniform loading for these?  What goes under these, a waterproof membrane?  Are they typically supported on plywood or wood battens?