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Lateral Load at top of wood stud wall

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I have a design with a couple of conditions I do not have much familiarity with.
Specifically, I have this situation ? designing the supports for a wood frame building with stud walls supporting a relatively steep scissor truss.  The locations is in a heavy snow region.  I have yet to receive load information from the truss manufacturer, but have concerns about a long span scissor truss under a heavy snow load inducing a relatively large lateral thrust  load AND displacement at the top of the wood stud wall.
Does anyone have recommendations on:
·        How to analyze the stud wall (roughly 12 feet tall) that is not laterally supported at its top but has a continuous lateral loading?  By the way, the stud wall is relatively long (150 feet), so I cannot count on a perpendicular wall to anchor to.
·        References on how to analyze this type of stud wall (or similar loading condition, whether the load is from snow loading or not).
·        Code criteria (such as story lateral drift)?
Thanks in advance!!
Jerold Taylor PE SE

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