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Re: Building separation

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I recently did a 22' high, single storey masonry building that required a fire separation between the front office and rear industrial occupancy-we chose two separate walls. I calculated 1.75 inches deflection and convinced the archie that 4 inches was better than 2" -- block coursing. Just tell him that it has to be the way you want it.

Kevin Below wrote:
We recently discussed the question of firewalls and fusible links, etc.. One possible solution is a double wall, with two walls of concrete blocks, each one attached and supported laterally by the building on its side of the wall. The separation between these walls is typically about 1 inch. But what about separation for seismic movement ? For a 4 storey building, this could easily be a few inches, couldn't it ? (I haven't calculated it yet. We are at the preliminary stage.) Do I have to tell my architect that he may need to put a space of several inches between the walls ?. He already finds the total wall thickness of 13 inches (2 x 6" block walls plus 1") big enough, and he will have to increase building length to accommodate that. Kevin Below *//*

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