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Re: Steel connection design

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I interpret this to mean that the connection must be designed such that it
will be the member that will fail at its ultimate load rather than the
connection.  As simple example might help.  Take a simply supported steel
beam.  It is rare that the beam is designed such that you are right at the
fully allowable load such that the beam will fail in any an all modes.
Typically, the beam is sized such that the allowable moment is close to
applied moment, with maybe a little to spare.  But, shear applied might
not be anywhere near the maximum allowable.  To me, that spec provisions
would mean that I would figure out the worst possible end reaction that
could result from any type of loading and then design the connection for
that reaction.

Another example is a short beam.  Typically, in such cases, the beam is
oversized (i.e. the applied moment is no where near the allowable moment),
but the engineer still dictates that the connection should be designed for
an end reaction that would result from the full allowable load that would
result from the beam reaching the full allowable moment.


Adrian, MI

On Fri, 6 Oct 2006 William.Sherman(--nospam--at) wrote:

> If drawing notes and specs for structural steel require that
> "connections shall develop the full strength of members joined" - how
> would you interpret the words "full strength"?
> Connections include a welded steel roof truss, rolled steel purlins with
> shear connections to the truss, and supplementary framing at roof
> openings using rolled steel members.  Truss connections are not detailed
> but truss member loads are shown.  Framed beam details on the drawings
> show minimum no. of bolts required.
> Bill
> William Sherman - CH2M HILL / Denver
> Structural Technology Discipline Leader
> - Civil / Federal Engineering Group (EPC/EDG)
> william.sherman(--nospam--at)
> 720.286.2792

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