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Re: wind load to retaining wall

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I think I was remembering the building C&C part of Method two where you could get leeward (-) and windward (+) components. Mea culpa. Actually, it prompted me to look at the sign page in my shiny new ASCE 7-05. They've certainly fleshed that page out a bit. If you want to reduce the wall load below the full amount, you'd have to determine which fraction of the wind load was leeward vs windward. The building C&C coefficients in method 2 tend to equally distribute the load on walls (+/- 1.05 after discounting gust effect factor, which closely matches the c=2.0 for a flat plate in subcritical flow) except at the ends. Based on that, a realistic value might be half the psf value on each side of the wall.


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Using Method 2, the formulas for "Other Structures" (6.5.13) does not give positive and negative pressures. ASCE 7-05 section 6.5.14 " Design wind loads on Solid Freestanding Walls and Solid Signs" is the same formula and does not give positive and negative pressures. No, there are no exemptions, but using the full value on the full height of a retaining wall also seems excessive.


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