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Thank goodness for homebuilders...

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I just got an email from the NAHB crowing about their "successes" at the recent ICBO conference concerning changes to the building code. My favorite was:

"Defeated proposals to boost the need to install roof truss/rafter hold-downs (hurricane clips). The proposals would have eliminated toe-nailing of trusses and rafters to wall framing except in small houses in low-wind regions. For roof trusses, attachments would have to have been designed to the uplift loads provided on the truss design drawings. In certain cases, these loads are conservative and would increase the connection requirements."

Thank goodness they've pointed out how conservative those truss manufacturers are. I see that cover-your-backside overengineering time and time again - heck I usually have to tell them to go back and redesign a whole set because they're just waaaaay overdesigning those things.  And wind uplift - c'mon. Name me just one case of a structure that's failed due to a poor wind uplift connection on a truss. Heck, the insurance companies seem to say that all the losses from Katrina were from flood damage, right?

*shakes head*

With friends like these, homeowners don't need any enemies.
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